How Can a Chiropractor Help Me with Motorcycle Accident Insurance?

A chiropractor can help you with motorcycle accident insurance by working directly with the liable insurance company and managing your claim after you get hurt in a motorcycle accident. In addition to providing chiropractic services, a chiropractor can manage communications with the liable insurer, provide the documentation the insurer needs to process your claim, and provide additional assistance for you to get fair compensation for your injuries.

If you partner with a lawyer for your motorcycle accident injury claim, a chiropractor can work with the attorney and insurer. A chiropractor can diagnose your injuries, tailor a treatment plan to your individual needs, provide necessary treatment, and help you navigate the insurance claims process.

A lawyer can also use your medical records to prove the extent and severity of your injuries and connect them to the motorcycle accident. Essentially, if you work with an attorney, a chiropractor can help make their job easier. If you prefer not to work with an attorney on your injury claim, a chiropractor can play an active role in your physical recovery.

Treatments for Pain After a Motorcycle Accident

The Mayo Clinic explains that chiropractors use techniques like spinal manipulation to help your injuries heal following a traumatic event. A chiropractor can use a variety of chiropractic techniques and treatments that are natural and non-invasive.

Some examples of chiropractic services include:

  • Spinal adjustment. Also called spinal manipulation, a chiropractic doctor applies precise force to your spine to correct its position. Spinal adjustment helps your back and overall body work at an optimal level. This technique can help reduce headaches and pain in the lower back and neck.
  • Spinal decompression. People with degenerative disk disease, slipped disks, sciatica, and other joint or nerve problems can benefit from this chiropractic treatment. This procedure involves a chiropractor lowering pressure on the disks in the back by gently stretching the spine.
  • Massage therapy. A chiropractic doctor can treat your back, neck, and shoulder pain after a motorcycle accident by massaging your affected areas.
  • Lifestyle and nutrition counseling. Chiropractors receive extensive training in nutrition and understand how lifestyle choices can affect a person’s health and wellbeing. A chiropractor can use a holistic approach to help your body heal and stay healthy.

There are other treatment options than those we have listed here. When you work with a chiropractor, they will administer care that meets the needs of your condition.

Reasons You Should See a Chiropractor After Your Motorcycle Accident

Following a motorcycle accident, you should take immediate measures to promote your physical health. When you visit a chiropractor, they can perform a physical examination to determine whether you have any hidden injuries, such as sprains and strains. You do not want to put off seeking medical attention because you do not want to exacerbate any hidden injuries that could threaten your overall health.

Additionally, every state limits the amount of time you have to pursue financial compensation when someone else causes an accident that injures you. For instance, if you live in Georgia, Official Code of Georgia Annotated (OCGA) §9-3-33 says that you only have two years to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit. If you miss the deadline, you can forever lose the right to get compensation from the person who hurt you.

Also, if you delay at all in starting treatment, the other side might claim that you got injured from some other event and not the motorcycle accident. You reasonably want to do all that you can to bolster the success of your personal injury case.

We Handle Motorcycle and All Other Types of Vehicle Accident Injuries

If you got hurt and the accident involved a motorcycle, car, truck, bicycle, bus, Uber, Lyft, taxi, MARTA vehicle, or any other kind of vehicle, Dominguez Chiropractic can help. We are your One-Stop Motorcycle Accident Injury Center.

Following a collision, you will not have to go to multiple places for help with your to-do list because:

  • Whatever kind of chiropractic care you need, we provide. We are a full-service chiropractic facility.
  • We have a medical doctor (M.D.) on staff to provide medical services in addition to chiropractic care.
  • Instead of merely submitting your health care bills to the insurance company for payment, we manage your accident claim for you.
  • If you need a lawyer, we can refer you to one.
  • We can even assist with towing, transportation, and getting your car or motorcycle fixed.

Dr. Barbara Dominguez meets with patients during their treatment. While we have multiple chiropractors on staff, Dr. Barbara Dominguez will meet you personally, regardless of which chiropractor performs your therapy.

We understand how getting hurt in a motorcycle accident can throw a wrench into your schedule.

For your convenience, we have several offices in the Atlanta area, including:

  • Gainesville
  • Marietta
  • Lawrenceville
  • Doraville
  • Decatur

Now that you know how a chiropractor can help you with motorcycle accident insurance, let’s get you healthy. You can call Dominguez Chiropractic today at (404) 800-3000 to learn more.